Adam J. Powell

Software Developer

About Me

Hello, I'm Adam. I am currently a Junior Android Developer working for Trove AI in Ann Arbor, MI. I have recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor's in Computer Science. I love rooting for the Detroit Lions (I know, I know), playing video games, reading, and golfing.

Work Experience

Junior Android Developer - Trove AI (2017 - Present)

Working as an Android developer, writing in Kotlin. Trove Ai is an email client that uses artificial intelligence to help manage your inbox.

Software Developer - University of Michigan - Flint (2016 - 2017)

Worked on a small team for the MyWater - Flint website and Android application. Wrote in Javascript, PHP, as well as HTML5 on the website. Coded in Java on the Android application through Android Studio. Also created and maintained database with Google Cloud Platform, written in SQL. Project was a collaboration between the university and a Google team in San Fransisco. Our team was student managed as we created both applications in a four month time span.

Research Assistant - University of Michigan - Flint (2015 - 2016)

Assisted professor with research involving vehicle to vehicle networks. Primarily, my research focused on the unique security risks involved with such a network.

Latest Projects



Android application created at Global Hack VI in St. Louis, 2016. Our team created an application to assist the homeless in navigating to nearby shelters. It also reports important information to the clients including how many beds are available, who is allowed at the various shelters, and their standard operating hours. The app is also designed to be used by shelter volunteers to report the amount of beds available. The application was made in 30 hours by myself and four other team members. I have linked the dev post page for the project and it is also available in my Github.

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Five Dice Game

Five Dice Game

A clone of the board game Yahtzee, developed for Android. For this project, I worked alone in Unity writing in C#. Game can be downloaded now on the Android Play Store!

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chess ai

Chess Board and A.I.

This was a class project completed for my university's Capstone class. I was a member of a five person team and we developed this over the course of a semester. Specifically I wrote all of the javascript that controls the actual board and the pieces moving around on it. I also assisted with the artificial intelligence but my main focus was the actual chess game. Project was created in Unity and written in a mix of javascript and C#.

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